Stal California
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The Team

Eefie Pic
Eefie de Korver - Dammers

Grown-up in the UK, busy with horses since ever. Lived with husband and 4 sons in various countries (Colombia, Brazil, Belgium and Germany) before settling in the Netherlands in 1995.

Has always had her own horses, but started to work/ breed seriously while living in Germany in the neighbourhood of Frankfurt. Started to breed mainly with German bloodlines.

When family moved to the Netherlands in 1995 they bought a rundown estate with main house, stables, carriage house and 13 hectares of land. Next to bringing up the sons and managing the 36 horse yard she is still working hard to restore the estate and work the gardens.

She still loves the German bloodlines and her breeding program has been successful. The oldest home bred horse now competes grand prix.

Helmut Pic
Helmut Wichmann (Grand Prix Trainer)

Helmut Wichmann, of German nationality, is the head trainer at Stal California.

Helmut was born in Solingen in 1971. Helmut trained with Felix Ruther, Frederick Lutter, Heinz Peter Schneider and Herbert Rehbein. Helmut obtained his bereiter prufung in Warendorf and has successfully ridden Grand Prix on different horses.

Helmut has now been with us since 2004 and has very successfully competed our horses in young horse classes upto Grandprix in Germany. He received his goldene reiterabzeichnung in 2009

Helmut gives clinics at home and throughout Europe for all levels in Dressage.